Choose BIG SALTS Size - 20ml or 60ml Salt Fill

BIG SALTS are available in 2 sizes. A 20ml Salt Fill or 60ml Salt Fill. Not sure about the flavour? Go for a 20ml!


Select your 10ml BIG Salt Shot Strength

Our TPD compliant salt shots come in 3 strengths. This allows YOU to decide which strength your BIG SALTS e-liquid will be. 


Add your Salt Shots to the BIG SALTS Bottle

Simply add 1 x 10ml BIG salt shot to a 20ml BIG SALTS Salt Fill or 3 x 10ml salt shots to a 60ml Salt Fill. 


Enjoy your new BIG SALTS e-liquid in your favourite vape device.

Save on plastic, help the environment and save MONEY!

What are

BIG SALTS are the cost-effective, planet-saving way to enjoy your favourite disposable vape flavours but without the expense of buying many disposable vapes which is better for your pocket and the environment.  

A BIG SALT Salt Fill consists of our specially formulated e-liquid concentrate that is ready to add a BIG Salt Shot TPD Compliant Nic Salt Shot.

The finished product will be a nic salt blend based e-liquid in either a 20ml or 60ml size.

We have developed 3 strengths in our BIG Salt Shots which allows you to choose a end nic strength of either 2%, 1% or 5%

How BIG SALTS work.

EJUICE WAREHOUSE brings you an innovative range of specialised SALT FILL E-liquid dilute concentrates with the option of adding our specially formulated TPD COMPLIANT 10ml salt blend shots available in 4%, 2% & 1% strengths.

By adding our 10ml Salt Shots to a BIG SALTS Salt Fill. You can choose what strength you prefer. 

1 BIG SALTS - 3 Strengths!

Why spend more?
BIG SALTS are the future!

Did you know just how much money you could save by using BIG SALTS instead of conventional disposable vapes? Check out the figures below and see how much you could be saving!


puffs per 20ml BIG SALTS

+ 3 strengths to choose from.


puffs per 60ml BIG SALTS

+ 3 strengths to choose from.

SAVE £££'S

compared to standard 600 puff disposables. 

It's All About the Flavours!

BIG SALTS Bar Series of flavours have been inspired by the current trend in disposable vapes. 

We have developed a specially formulated range of the most popular flavours and made them BETTER! (our mixologists are wizards!)

The result is a range of 16 super tasty flavours designed to give maximum flavour, great cloud production and most of all SAVE YOU MONEY!

Launch Flavours

Apple Cherry Cranberry

Apple Peach Pear

Banana Ice

Berry Lemonade

Blackcurrant Menthol

Blue Razz Lemonade

Blueberry Sour Raspberry

Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava

Lemon Lime

Mr Blue

Pink Lemonade

Sour Apple

Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum

Tiger Blood

Triple Melon

Unicorn Shake

Many more to come!

We will be releasing plenty more flavours in a variety of themes such as desserts and sweets. All to come very shortly.

Tried & Tested

The perfect combo

Aspire R1

Refill with BIG SALTS

Recharge up to 8 times

Inhale Activated

USB C Charging

BIG SALTS Salt Fills

20ml = 6000 puffs

Better flavour and taste

Cost Effective

Planet Friendly

6000 Puffs for just £9.99!

BIG SALTS when used with the Aspire R1 kit is a great combination and works so well together and you could SAVE so much using this method.